Web 2.0 Literacy Tools


A helpful resource on Web 2.0

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Composting 101 Infographic

Composting 101 Infographic

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Presentation ppt

CP Presentation

This is the power point of my cp presentation


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Integrating Tech. & CC Prezi

Click link below image to see our prezi for our presentation.

Tech Prezi Pic


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2A Flipped Classroom Activity

2A Template

I have created a lesson plan that uses Youtube videos-of The Office to spark interest in workplace topics that will hopefully spark the interest of the students.

The students will view the lesson and then create questions regarding the workplace topic they will be researching in the next class and share with the rest of their fellow classmates.


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2B Field Study-Online Collarboration

I created a lesson that uses word processing or presentation software that is either dropped in the drop box or posted to the class blog.  Students were then asked to complete an assessment regarding the posting of their research.


The link is:  http://mrsandersonsabcofbusiness.weebly.com/real-world-blog.html.




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Flipped Classroom – Infographic

flippedclassroominfographicThought maybe some people would like to see a little history about the Flipped Classroom
as well as what it is and what it isn’t.

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KidBlog Link

Period 1 Document Formatting: http://kidblog.org/Period1DocmentFormatting/

Period 3 Document Formatting: http://kidblog.org/Period3DocumentFormatting/

Period 7 Document Formatting: http://kidblog.org/Period7DocumentFormatting/

Advisory: http://kidblog.org/advisory-5/

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Flip Classroom Links

Flip Classroom Lesson-Entrepreneurship:


Flip Classroom Lesson-Stock Market:


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Flipped Classroom Video Link

I have pasted the link to my “Flipped Classroom,” which I have uploaded onto YouTub.
“How to make Bananas Foster”



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